Watch: Alex Whorms’ “Too Many Love Songs”

by W. Andrew Powell

Singer and songwriter Alex Whorms’ “Too Many Love Songs” is deeply autobiographical, very honest, and clearly shows an artist who has reached a new stage in her career, while she reflects on her past, and looks forward to what comes next.

“The words ‘I’ve written too many love songs / in the face of my fear / since I’ve been with you’ are a realization I was clinging to a high-profile relationship and ‘cool’ lifestyle I wasn’t truly comfortable with,” Whorms said.

“Things like binge drinking, partying hard, being in a relationship with a lot of PDA, and trying to be popular in general never felt right to me, yet there is a lot of pressure to act this way in social situations. Especially in university, I felt as though I needed to follow these stereotypes in order to fit in.”

“The line ‘why do I feel like a winner in someone else’s shoes’ pretty much sums it up.”

Whorms is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, and she also directed the music video for “Too Many Love Songs”.

Whorms’ new EP, Burgundy, is out Friday, September 20. “These five tracks combine my love for the grand piano with aspects of my other loves: orchestral, pop and indie music,” Whorms said.

Watch the video for Alex Whorms’ “Too Many Love Songs” below, listen to more of her music on iTunes and Spotify, visit her website for more about her, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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