Watch: Glutenhead’s “A Windy Day”

Experimental, otherworldly, and yet rooted in a sense of time and place, Glutenhead’s “A Windy Day” is a wild, impressive mashup that combines psychedelic pop, indie rock, with art pop, and more.

Glutenhead is the work of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Benjamin Shapiro, and “A Windy Day” represents his layered, textured style from his debut, full-length LP, Glugen Frau, which came partly from a scientific concept.

“The music is mostly aimed at representing the impressionistic and surreal quality of dreams and memories,” Shapiro said. “I was studying neuroscience when I learned just how fluidly our brains construct our reality. The brain’s weakness and strength is the inability to discern what is real. There is a top-down influence on our perception, our minds simultaneously making connections between bits of information and building what we perceive.”

“I learned how every word, construct, idea has weight because each has the capacity for a universe, and an opportunity for meaning. Each one holds time and place inside itself, recalling personal experience, and allowing that internal experience to unfold into the external world. Language, then, becomes a raw material to construct the experience around it.”

Speaking about the album, Shapiro said, “These songs uncover themselves as you inhabit them.”

Watch the video for Glutenhead’s “A Windy Day” below, listen to more of his music on Spotify, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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