Watch: Katherine Penfold and Chin Injeti’s “Better”

“Better” is pure, powerful, stripped down jazz, and it’s a gorgeous single from Katherine Penfold and co-writer, and Grammy-winning producer, Chin Injeti.

“You make me feel better, when I don’t know how to walk in these shoes; You make me feel better, ’cause I had fallen, I was bruised.”

“I struggle with depression and anxiety,” Penfold said. “The song is for my partner. He finds a way of making me feel better during those times. It’s dedicated to the person who helps you up.”

“Better” is from Penfold’s new album, Sweetest Thing, a diverse, addictive album that’s filled with a number of stories.

“I really wanted to make an album full of songs that could resonate with you no matter what you’re going through,” she leaves off. “I’d love for people to find a space for themselves to feel inside of what I’m doing. I hope they know someone is listening to them and hearing them.”

Watch the video for Katherine Penfold’s “Better” below, listen to more of her music on Spotify, visit her website for tour dates, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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