Watch: Mauve's "Brand New"

Electro-pop songstress Mauve is back with a “Brand New” video, and it’s like stepping into her neon-tinted dream world.

The track is fresh, confidant, and combines her chill-bop pop stylings with an unmistakable blend of RnB and dance.

“I had this urge to clear away all the dust that keeps building up,” Mauve said about writing the track. “I wanted a new perspective and attitude that better represented me.”

“I’m the type of person who looks to see the brighter side of a situation, but sometimes that’s difficult if you keep holding on to something that really isn’t serving you anymore. I think we can all share a tendency to get stuck in disappointment and accept bad situations as reality, but there is always this opportunity to reinvent yourself and take that leap forward.”

“The song has some somber elements to it, but they’re contrasted by uplifting parts because that’s what the song is truly celebrating. It’s about that motivation that drives you to break through and let go of the old. It’s not just about showing other people how better off you are by leaving something behind, but also about showing that to yourself as well.”

Mauve was nominated for a 2018 Niagara Music Award for “Best New Artist” and her single “Come Around” won the top award at the 2019 InterContinental Music Awards for “Best of North America.”

Watch Mauve’s video for “Brand New” below and hear more of her music on iTunes and Spotify. Her debut EP, Palette, is also available now. Find out more about her on her website, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.