Sammi Constantine’s “See What You See” (Live At Hibernian House)

Sammy Constantine

Sammi Constantine has an incredible voice, and she shines on her latest single, “See What You See”. The track is so personal, and it pulls at your heartstrings from the start.

There’s a lot of heart in the song, and I love the melodies that rise up throughout the track. The harmonies in the song are absolutely mesmerizing, and it feels like they lend a kind of support to the story Constantine is telling. As she said, the heart of the song comes back to challenges with mental health, and the stigma so many people associate with it.

“This song came to life after pulling apart a letter I’ll never send, to a person I wanted to trust wholeheartedly with all the things that were hurting me,” Constantine said.

“I wanted to say thank you, sorry and everything in-between. Learning to trust someone with the darkest parts of your mind and allowing them to help you clear out the cobwebs, is terrifying. Especially when so many in the past have let you down, time and time again.”

The Australian singer and songwriter, from New South Whales, grew up on music, and most recently supported Rita Ora on her tour in the country.

For the video, Constantine recorded the track during a live session at Hibernian House in Australia, putting an even more intimate spin on the moving single.

Watch the live video of Sammi Constantine’s “See What You See” below and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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