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Dani Doucette premieres evocative new single & video, “Craved”

Dani Doucette

Dani Doucette

“Craved” is the new single from Canadian singer Dani Doucette, and it’s an evocative, fun, danceable pop song that feels like a step back into the club.

Her voice is silky smooth and hypnotic, and the mood is wonderfully retro.

The new video premiered today on YouTube, and as Doucette explained, “‘Craved’ is all about that feeling you get when you sense someones strong presence; you’re enticed, and curious. That electric feeling you have meeting with someone for the first time, and the primal instinct that takes over.”

As a big fan of Star Trek, and one particular Bruce Willis film, she wanted the track to have a particular mood, too.

“I wanted to really incorporate a sci-fi feel for this song, and initially my original idea was pretty far out there. I have always had a fascination with space and the ‘unknown,'” she said.

“The lyrics in this song felt like they could be coming from someone that’s never felt a human body, that desire, that want, the craving. So, when I talked to my Tyler Lorde, we came up with an idea that worked and also gave a little nod to one of my favourite sci-fi films, The Fifth Element.”

“When we were storyboarding this video I wanted to incorporate that powerful and fun energy. I even took some style pointers from LeeLoo, and if you remember, the fifth element is love.”

Doucette’s musical family inspired her to get into music, signing with MDC Music in 2020 after modelling and working in fashion for a number of years. During the pandemic, she spent time performing at drive-in concerts last year, and released three singles, including “Selfish.”

“Craved” was produced by Thomas McKay.

Watch the video for “Craved” below, listen to it on Spotify, and follow Doucette on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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