Director Adam Smith on ‘Trespass Against Us’ starring Michael Fassbender & Brendan Gleeson

Adam Smith for Trespass Against Us

Director Adam Smith sat down with me during the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about his film Trespass Against Us which stars Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson as a son and his father who live on the fringes of society, and are spiraling apart from each other as the police start to hunt them for recent high-end thefts.

“The writer, Alastair Siddons, was working on a documentary about a family called the Johnsons, that this film was loosely inspired by, and he showed me some of the rushes, and I was just blown away by the footage he had, because he had very intimate interviews with these incredible characters,” Smith said.

“I just said to him, we’ve got to make a film out of this one day.”

When talking about Michael Fassbender, and what made him perfect for the role, Smith said that the actor has the same charisma of the character he’s based on. “And he’s got that strength,” Smith said, “and you believe that he would be in that world, you believe that he’d have a tear up, that he’d drive cars really fast, and also the fact that he’s such an amazing actor, and he can show you so much depth and so much complexity. It just felt right.”

Because Smith knew Fassbender’s agent, he was able to get the script to him quickly, and Smith said that “he just understood it. He was underneath the character.”

Trespass Against Us is now available on demand, and in select theatres.

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