Jasmine Lorimer’s dating & car advice on Hyundai Ultimate Date

Hyundai Ioniq Ulitmate Date Contest | Jasmine Lorimer

Jasmine Lorimer has some dating advice, and it could come in handy whether you’re on a date or going car shopping. Canada’s first Bachelorette was in Toronto recently to spend the day on three special blind dates in Hyundai’s Ioniq, all in the name of the Ultimate Date.

Scroll down to watch the video highlights from Jasmine Lorimer’s Ultimate Date day, and read some of her tips and thoughts on dating.

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Hyundai Ultimate Date with Jasmine Lorimer

“When we did the obstacle course that was crazy we actually had a professional driver there with us,” Lorimer said, “and it wasn’t just like casually drive your car through this obstacle course. He had pylons set up, so little indicators where to accelerate, exactly where to brake so that you can cut the corner, and we were like squealing around corners and our tires were burning.”

“Even though I wasn’t looking for an actual life partner out of it, it’s really fun to get to know people and be able to do activities like that with someone that you just met,” Lorimer said.

Dating & Car Shopping

“The most valuable tip would be just open yourself up to different people and different types of people,” Lorimer said.

“I feel like [sticking] to a type, you tend to stay in this sort of cycle. And I feel like it’s really beneficial and a good learning experience to push yourself and try dating different types of people because you never know. I feel you can find common interests with anybody.”

Chatting about how dating and car shopping can be surprisingly similar, Lorimer said, “I actually have learned that there’s quite a lot of similarities between the two and some of the main ones being that you need to trust your car. You need to trust your partner. You need something that’s compatible with your life, with the reliability and dependability.”

“You really need to think things through and before you make any commitments you need to make sure that it works for you,” she added. “Also I think the main thing that everyone can relate to is just the stress of it all, and the pressure of making the right decision.”

Lorimer also fell in love with the Ioniq, which was a surprise in a number of ways.

“With Hyundai, it’s fun to drive, it will work for you, it looks good, and it’s reliable and dependable. And it’s actually a really, really great car that’s also eco-friendly.”

“The technology in those cars is crazy,” Lorimer added. “In the Ioniq there’s a little surface and you put your phone down and it just charges your phone. That’s awesome.”

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