TIFF ’09: Day 2 with Fox, Cody, and Clooney

It’s almost a day later, and I’m just getting back online to talk about everything that’s been going on at the Toronto International Film Festival. The only other bad thing is that last night did not go as planned.

I arrived two hours before anyone was set to show up on the red carpet for the Midnight Madness screening of Jennifer’s Body and got a respectable spot in the line of photographers. That said, it was a tight fit, and people started piling in as arrival time neared.

Movies, music and zombies taking over Yonge & Dundas Square

This is pretty much it. Take a deep breath and dive in, because for the next ten days the city of Toronto is going to be filled with wonderful mayhem.

If you’re not tripping over red carpets, or lineups for some of the 273 feature-length films, you’ll probably see a crazy festival-goer running from one event to another, or perhaps even an international celebrity on their way to one of said events.

Royal York diary, Part 8: Movie magic

Originally I was going to call this chapter of the series “The Fairmont Royal York Goes To The Movies,” but in essence it really should be called “The Movies Go To The Fairmont Royal York.”

On Tuesday, August 4th the Toronto International Film Festival held the second of its annual summer press conferences in the venerable Imperial Room here at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

TIFF 09: A peek at the Canadian press conference

As my last post confirms, this is indeed my favorite time of year, hands down. That’s because I just got back from the Canadian press conference for the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, which takes over the city from September 10 to 19. It’s like Christmas for film fanatics like myself, mainly because it gives me a chance to dine on my love of film for ten straight days, and meet a number of cool filmmakers who will be debuting their latest films.

That festival feeling

My girlfriend laughs at me on a constant basis because I have a tell, as it were, when it comes to the movies.

When I’m really, really enjoying a scene or a moment in a movie, I get goosebumps on my arms. It’s not something I can control, but it’s one of those givens for me. Did this movie work for me? I don’t know… did I get shivers?

‘Creation’ will open 2009 TIFF

Early this week the Toronto International Film Festival announced details for some of this year’s gala and special presentations that will appear at the annual event in September. During the press conference, TIFF CEO and director Piers Handling, and festival co-director Cameron Bailey also revealed details for the opening night film, which ended up being a big surprise for long-time festival fans.