Amplify: Netflix celebrates women, together

GLOW on Netflix

Women are working together and helping change the world. Through efforts like the Women’s Marches, or through female mentorship programs like Sheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogether, the idea of supporting each other is spreading, and in that effort Netflix has stepped up to tell female-driven stories that are more about “we” than “me”.

With shows like Orange is the New Black, Glow, and Gracie and Frankie, Netflix has been helping to reinforce togetherness for women with shows that feature great storytelling, phenomenal characters, and put women at the forefront. And these stories are also not just about women–they’re about women who are coming together, supporting one another.

Celebrating the power of women in a new video that focuses on that shared experience, Netflix has stated that it’s proud to showcase how they are giving freedom to filmmakers to create shows that are natural, and embrace the cultural shift towards empowered women who strengthen one another.

It takes a strong group of women behind the camera, both creatively and at an executive level to get a strong group of women on camera, which speaks to how Netflix has built a strong and supportive network of female talent on and off screen, who are gravitating towards storytelling that is more reflective of what complex female relationships look like today.

Watch the video and have your say in the comments about what you think matters most about the efforts. Below we’ve also shared GIFs by illustrator Libby VanderPloeg, which Netflix released symbolizing solidarity and support among women.

Netflix: Amplify

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