Christian Convery & Naledi Murray on Sweet Tooth season 2

by W. Andrew Powell

Sweet Tooth season two starts with Gus, Jeppard, and Aimee in trouble, as General Abbot and the Last Men take control of the Preserve and capture all of the Hybrids there.

As the Last Men look for a cure for the H5G9 virus, Gus and Wendy, played by Christian Convery and Naledi Murray, are left to try and lead the group of Hybrids to safety.

For Convery, the new season was a chance to act with a lot of kids, which was actually pretty new for him.

“It was incredible getting to work with a whole bunch of characters,” he said, “because in season one I think I only ever worked with three people regularly, and it was pretty crazy because I’ve never worked with such a big group of people.”

“And especially, I’ve never really worked with kids my age, only on a few projects, and it was so incredible because we were hanging out every day and it was a complete change from being with the adults.”

“By the end of the show, we all became one big family, everyone on set. It was such an incredible experience.”

Because a number of the Hybrids on the show can’t or don’t speak very well, Wendy communicates with American Sign Language, something Murray said was “a really awesome experience.”

“I’ve taken a couple of courses and they didn’t even know [when] they decided [to make it] a part of the plot,” Murray said. “They added it in that they’re using language to communicate with the hybrids, and it was really cool because I got to learn even more about the language.”

“It’s so beautiful and the coaches on set to make sure it was accurate.”

Watch the interview above to hear more about their favourite part of working on the second season, and how Convery acts with Gus’ horns and ears. Plus, watch my interview with Nonso Anozie, Dania Ramirez and Adeel Akhtar below.

Season 2 of Sweet Tooth is out now on Netflix.

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