Air Canada

Winter travel tips from Air Canada

Winter, and especially holidays, means a few more challenges when you're flying out of town, but with a little extra planning, it's easy to avoid the biggest problems of the season. Air Canada has shared a few tips to help you make the most of your travel plans, while making it as smooth an experience as possible.
Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey fans

Hockey is where Canada’s heart beats

The Great One. The Rocket. The Kraut Line. The French Connection. The Forum. The Garden. The Canadian lexicon probably contains more references to hockey than any other cultural institution. Even the former $5 bill displayed a hockey scene--a young boy playing shinny, accompanied by a quote from Roch Carrier’s timeless classic “The Hockey Sweater.”
Viceroy Park View

Comfortable meets distinguished at Viceroy Hotel, New York City

For ten years now I have been writing about hotels for The Gate and for newspaper travel pages, in addition to my last book. I have been in about as many hotels as the Gideon Bible and given that I have formed very definite, almost subconscious ways of determining if I am digging a hotel I am in--and that usually begins immediately with the way I am treated on my first approach to the front desk for check in.

Traveling the Virtuoso way

There was a time not too long ago when taking a vacation trip was a big deal--people dressed in their Sunday best to take an flight on a plane. Now travel is commonplace and flying is as routine as jumping on your local commuter train.
Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas: 21 facts from behind-the-scenes

So you think you know Las Vegas? There are the casinos, the restaurants, the fantastic hotels, and then there is the high-end, luxury shopping, but if you've ever wanted to know a bit more about the travel hot spot, we've got you covered.