Media Box episode 3

Media Box Podcast: Episode 3

In the third episode of The GATE’s Media Box podcast: Billy Crystal talks about the new Disney Pixar film, Monsters University; highlights from back stage at the MuchMusic Video Awards with Ed Sheeran, Avril Lavigne, and Classified; interviewing the stars of CTV’s new home-grown comedy, Satisfaction; and a Blu-ray review of Jack the Giant Slayer.

Video Hits: “What The Hell” by Avril Lavigne

There are possibly only three good things about this video: Avril, Avril in her underwear, and oh, I don’t know, Avril’s vampire fangs (what can I say, they’re kind of cute). The point is, this is one of those weeks where I feel more inclined to spotlight a new train wreck of a video that’s worth at least watching for kicks than taking the time to hunt for something older and obviously far superior.

Billy Talent, Avril rock 2007 MMVAs

The corner of Queen & John got pretty steamy last night and it had very little to do with the sun, and a lot more to do with the thousands of fans who showed up to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars at the 2007 MuchMusic Video Awards. From Canada’s own Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent to International stars like Joss Stone, Hilary Duff, and Tara Reid, there was no shortage of celebrities on hand to wow the crowd, or the fans watching at home.