Blogging the 2009 Juno Awards: Part 3

Okay, it’s the final run for this year’s Junos and I’m running out of steam. This show is dragging me down, down, down.

While I fight with my urges to change the channel, Simple Plan perform “Your Love Is A Lie”, which is actually what I might call the dullest performance of the night. That kind of shocks me a little, considering these guys are pretty cool, and they usually rile up the crowds. Not so much tonight, but then again, they were kind of shoe-horned into this non-moment in the show.

Blogging the 2009 Juno Awards: Part 1

The 2009 Juno Awards have arrived after an hour-long delay thanks to the Amazing Race. So, when the awards finally kick off, what are we treated to, but Nickelback opening the show, again, with pyrotechnics and singing “Something In Your Mouth”.

Am I the only person in Canada who is tired of these idiots? Their crappy brand of redneck rock is dead. Move on. Do honest-to-God rednecks even buy this crap any more?