History & Charm at The Lord Nelson Hotel

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a rare example of a historic city that hasn’t lost touch with it’s history, or what it can offer the modern traveler. And while there’s no shortage of chain hotels where you can stay within the city core, there’s also thankfully a couple of unique hotels as well. Out of all of them, if you’re looking for something special, the one that really stands out though is the Lord Nelson Hotel.

Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace’s Lordly Dream

Since 2001 J.R.R. Tolkien‘s epic The Lord of the Rings has been a hot topic from one side of the world to the other. Peter Jackson’s gigantic trilogy certainly had a lot to do with the renewed interest, but that interest has been sustained far longer than your average film. Then again, this isn’t just any story – this is one of the English language’s most compelling tales, and so it only makes sense that someone should endeavor to take that story even further.

That someone happens to be England’s own Kevin Wallace.

Winners & Losers: ‘Survivor Panama’ Episode 3

The twelfth season of Survivor has been a good one, maybe even one of the best in the last few years, and tonight’s episode brought all of the key elements together for what could be a tumultuous run as Survivor: Panama – Exile Island unfolds. There was fighting, yelling, suffering, and even a little toying going on as people fought for position on the show. One thing remained unchanged though: Shane Powers is cruising for an early ejection if he doesn’t watch it.

Travel File Review: Auberge Saint-Antoine, Québec City

Few cities in Canada offer the spectacle, or even the culture, that lives and breaths in Québec City. Throughout 2005 I’ve managed to travel across the country, with stops in Vancouver, Banff, Winnipeg, around Ontario, and throughout parts of New Brunswick and even into Prince Edward Island. Compared to the raw energy and vibrance in Québec City though, I can’t think of a place I want to revist and explore more.