Diet Coke x Infinity Mirrors

Weekly: Diet Coke x Infinity Mirrors, and the Great Shellfish Cookbook

April! It’s April, and I don’t know where the last three months have gone. I’ve been busy with movies and interviews and music and television and some gaming, and I’d say it’s been a pretty great year. San Diego was fantastic last month, and I interviewed Molly Parker for Lost In Space, but I owe some love to a few events I haven’t had a chance to write about yet.

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Room | 2017

2017 with a bow on top

How did we get here? Is it really a few days until Christmas, and where did all of those 365 days go from 2017? Everyone asks these questions around this time of year, of course, and I wish I had better answers, but I’m also really proud of what The GATE has done in 2017. It was The GATE’s biggest year ever, with the most articles and posts, likes and shares, and I had some incredible adventures too.