Two-minute preview of ‘2012’ hits TV tonight

Roland Emmerich‘s disaster epic 2012 is still over a month away from release, but tonight you can get a two-minute sneak peek of the film, and it’s coming to pretty much every channel on television.

Between 10:50 and 11:00 PM (ET & PT) tonight (October 1), Sony Pictures will be rolling out a massive “roadblock” for 2012 that will appear on almost every network across North America, giving viewers a whole scene from the film to get them interested in the upcoming release.

TIFF ’09 capsule reviews, including ‘An Education’, ‘Cairo Time’, ‘Bright Star’

Critically-acclaimed stars and over-exposed starlets have descended on Hollywood North for the largest public film festival in the world, and the hype surrounding this year’s TIFF selections is in full force. From another political thriller from George Clooney (Men Who Stare At Goats), and Jennifer’s Body, a Megan Fox vehicle which adds to the commercial-tweenification of horror films, to Mariah Carey’s Oscar-buzz performance in Precious, there are in fact too many must-see films for this one reviewer to see. But there are some rather quiet TIFF selections, not concerned at all with hype, which undoubtedly very few film critics will bother reviewing. That’s where I come in!