Filmmaker Perspectives: Doug Karr’s ‘Ten For Grandpa’

There’s a certain safety to making a film culled from the ether of imagined reality. Your idiosyncratic characters are sewn together from the mist of imagination so there’s less risk of real people becoming insulted, angry, hurt, litigious or even homicidal as a result of your fictional film. For some strange reason, I decided to stray from those sheltered waters recently by writing a new narrative film based on the life of my grandfather, David Karr.

The GATE’s Top 10 Halloween Flicks

Grab some Holy water, a rusty axe, and your boomstick – The GATE’s first ever Halloween movie poll has arrived. Rounding up some of our favorite people – including actors, musicians, writers, and industry pros – we asked them to rank their five favorite Halloween and horror films. All told there were over 100 films fighting it out to make our top list, but when the votes were counted only 10 films remained.