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FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong

Electric cars rule the streets at FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix

The third season of the FIA Formula E Championship kicked off in Hong Kong earlier this month with the HKT Hong Kong ePrix, bringing the racing series to the iconic island waterfront, and featuring ten teams, 20 drivers, and thousands of racing fans. The Formula E is turning heads around the globe, exciting fans, and making it clear that electric cars are finally a reality that could help turn driving green.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong in a week

Hong Kong. For nearly a week I've been exploring the city, and taking in the FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix, and it's been a truly incredible place to discover, and there's no simple way to sum up the experience.

About Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, in the People's Republic of China, is actually a special region that covers 2,700 square miles (a little larger than the state of Delaware in the U.S.) and is home to over 7 million people. The city and surrounding area is exciting, historic and offers travellers unique experiences year-round. Visit for excellent shopping, world-class restaurants and food, history, and culture, to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, street markets, and much more.

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