Review: Halloween

David Gordon Green’s heavily hyped and anticipated remake of John Carpenter’s 1978 horror movie classic Halloween takes an old standard, makes some intriguing tweaks, slaps on a new coat of blood red paint, and serves up a nifty balance of old school slasher movie shocks mixed with admirable, post-modern upgrades.


TIFF 2018 Review: Halloween

Eclectic director and co-writer David Gordon Green proves to be a great fit to reignite the Halloween franchise with this sufficiently spooky, admirably gory, and exceptionally polished chapter in the ongoing battle between an unstoppable killing machine and the now eternally damaged woman who stopped his rampage forty years earlier.

Jack 'O

The Great Pumpkin

There are lots of other updates I want to post–now that the wedding is over and time has slowed down a bit–but for now I had to post a photo from my evening in. Aisha and I carved us up a little friend we decided to call Jack ‘O while we watched Evil Dead 2 (It just ain’t Halloween without Bruce Campbell.)