Dinner with Whitney's family

‘Bachelor Canada’ episode five recap: meet the parents

Brad’s search for love got serious as he visited the hometowns of the four remaining Bachelorettes–Bianka, Gabrielle, Kara, and Whitney–last night on The Bachelor Canada. Kicking off the hometown dates, Brad met Bianka in Mississauga, ON, where they discovered their mutual love of mint chocolate chip ice cream before sitting down for a family dinner. Though things got tense when Bianka told Brad that her parents only spoke Croatian, Brad soon realized they were all in on the joke, putting him at ease and setting a comfortable tone for the rest of the evening.

Ana, Bianka, and Gabrielle with children from a local orphanage

‘Bachelor Canada’ episode three recap: cowboys and lumberjacks

It’s week three for The Bachelor Canada and 12 girls remain in the running to become Bachelor Brad’s bride-to-be (maybe). Last night’s episode opened with the girls casually posing on an assortment of patio furniture to await the arrival of poor man’s Chris Harrison host Tyler Harcott. Tyler lets the ladies know that there will be two group dates this week–a six-on-one and a five-on-one–as well as the coveted one-on-one date.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper

Film review: ‘Looper’ starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rian Johnson just became one of my favourite directors, and all it took was one film. Johnson’s two previous films certainly impressed me, but Looper is a step forward for the writer and director. It’s a film that draws you in with the characters on an intimate level as hell starts to break loose, and despite the topic, it’s also a film that takes the story to heart.

Full Fathom Five

Book Review: ‘Full Fathom Five’ By Peter A. Smalley

With the ever growing Indie writing scene becoming a prominent source of new and exciting writers, one man in particular is starting to make a name for himself with a blend of clever, thought provoking and superbly written books. By day he is a Seattle based biochemist and in his own words, “If you can go to the grocery store and buy food off the shelf without wondering if it might make you sick, I’ve done my job,” however by night he is a writer and the author of several speculative fiction books.