Listen: Colin Huntley’s “Believe”

Colin Huntley

Colin Huntley released a trio of new singles this spring, and I love them all, but “Believe” is my favorite new track by the up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Nashville. Maybe that’s just the romantic in me, but it’s a sweet, yet sadly yearning love song that’s beautifully written and performed.

Huntley wrote and produced the single, which is part of a larger story that plays out across all three songs.

“The songs play a love story,” Huntley explained. “‘Great Places Suck When You’re Alone’ is the quentisential lonely bachelor/bachelorette song. It’s an acknowledgement that getting too wrapped up in doing something amazing is going to disappoint if you can’t share it with someone–so it’s a sort of yearning for romance,” Huntley said.

“‘Believe’ is the romance come to life. You have it now, and everything is beautiful, even the little things like the mannerisms of the person’s parents. It’s full blow, Hollywood love and bliss.”

And finally, “‘Dani’ is coming to terms with a relationship ending, and trying your best to understand why it had to. My tendency has always been to blame myself for broken relationships, and so that comes out in this track.”

Huntley has been writing and performing since he was 11 years old, and has done a little bit of everything across his music career, including playing in a rock band at the age of 13. He’s inspired by bluesy, folksy guitar, and hereoes like John Mayer and Ryan Tedder. His previous single “Best I Never Had” earned 350,000 views, and he’s built his fan base with a mix of original music and covers.

Listen to “Dani” and “Great Places Suck When You’re Alone” on Spotify.

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