DVD Tuesday: ‘Into the Wild’, ‘I’m Not There’

There are too many films where the word “inspired by a true story” seems all too forced, but this week Sean Penn‘s Into the Wild provides an all-too-real glimpse into the short but incredible life of Chris McCandless. For the film I’m Not There, Bob Dylan fans can get an intimate, and strange re-imagining of the singer’s life, through six different actors. Plus, 101 Dalmations arrives out of Disney’s vault, Things We Lost in the Fire explores life after a husband’s death, and a magic toy shop has a mind of its own in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Film Friday: ‘Other Boleyn Girl’, ‘Penelope’

Get into a theatre this week and jump between the covers as King Henry VIII must decide between two sisters in The Other Boleyn Girl, or catch up with Penelope and her piggish snout while she tries to break her curse and find true love. Also opening this weekend, City of Men takes us inside a gang war as two friends try to make sense of their lives, and Will Ferrell takes on another sports comedy.

Film Friday: ‘Vantage Point’, ‘Be Kind Rewind’

This week at a theatre near you, take a look inside an intricate plot to murder a president as five people try to unravel the truth in Vantage Point. Plus, two guys recreate their pile of lost video tapes at their neighbourhood video store in Be Kind Rewind; a high school student lands in a tough school and uses psychiatry to solve his problems in Charlie Bartlett; and in Caramel a group of women talk about life and love.

Film Friday: ‘Fool’s Gold’, ‘In Bruges’

Three films arrive in theatres this weekend that want to make you laugh, but how many of them will actually succeed? Whether you take your chances with the romantic-comedy-adventure film Fool’s Gold, check out Martin Lawrence‘s latest attempt at comedy, or follow Vince Vaughn on his comedy tour across America, you may still come up short on laughs. Oddly enough though, the big action film of the week, In Bruges, is not only getting some big buzz with critics, but it also has more than enough laughs to make up for all the other films combined.

Film Friday: ‘The Eye’, ‘Strange Wilderness’

A number of films open this weekend in theatres across the country, but the bad news is that none of them look like award winners, unless you mean a Golden Raspberry. The good news? You can save your money for films coming out in late-February. Among the movies debuting this week: The Eye starring Jessica Alba, the moronic comedy Strange Wilderness, a ghostly comedy called Over Her Dead Body, and Hannah Montana‘s 3-D concert film.