Film Friday: ‘Rambo’, ‘Untraceable’

Last weekend a monster movie took over the cinemas and claimed one of the biggest January openings of all time. The film was Cloverfield, but can the monster keep audiences in theatres, or will Sylvester Stallone‘s return as Rambo draw box office blood? Audiences will decide this weekend, but if neither film is quite your style there are a few alternatives, including the thriller Untraceable, the dance-driven drama How She Move, the spoofy Meet The Spartans, and a concert documentary that lets you enjoy U2 in 3D.

DVD Tuesday: ‘Away From Her’, ‘Reservation Road’

Feed your film addiction this week with the latest dramas arriving on DVD, including actress-turned-director Sarah Polley‘s acclaimed movie Away From Her, the dramatic thriller Reservation Road, and a film about a few life-changing months for dramatist Molière. Not quite what you had in mind? Then forget about intelligent drama and dive into a fountain of blood with the dumb but popular horror film, Saw IV.

DVD Tuesday: ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’

Happy New Year, and welcome to the dregs of 2007. It might be a whole new year out there, but on DVD there isn’t much to celebrate but a lot of bad action movies. There are still lots of great films from last year headed to DVD in the next couple of months, but this week the studios are pushing out their “choice” films since most shoppers are still recovering from their annual Holiday spending sprees.