Review: ‘Boston,’ a documentary about the Boston Marathon

Filmmaker Jon Dunham’s Boston takes a warm and comprehensive look at the history of the most prestigious marathon race in the world. For over a whopping 120 years now, the Boston Marathon, conceived by the Boston Athletic Association, has become the most important, prestigious, and recognized distance running event in the sporting world, and Dunham gives the race its proper, respectful cinematic due. It’s a classical kind of talking heads documentary that traces the Boston Marathon’s past and present, but most importantly it should appeal well beyond a core demographic of running enthusiasts.

Review: ‘The Great Wall,’ starring Matt Damon

The Great Wall is the most expensive Chinese produced motion picture ever made, and at least half the time that budget shows. The other half is a less than seamless special effects extravaganza that can’t keep any plot elements straight for more than ten minutes at a time. On the whole, it’s a relatively amiable bit of entertainment that’s probably about as good as the core B-movie premise will allow, but with that low of a bar it’s hard to justify anyone spending this much money to make the thing with an A-list international cast and one of the world’s greatest and most mythologized man made landmarks as a focal point.