Review: Venom

Marred by a clear, obvious, and marked series of poor decisions throughout the filmmaking process, the standalone, antiheroic Venom movie will disappoint fans of one of Spider-Man’s greatest nemeses to no end, and will leave casual observers of comic book films half-heartedly shrugging in apathy.

Review: ‘Certain Women,’ starring Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart

It has taken an egregiously long time for Kelly Reichardt’s resplendent, slow cinema, humanist masterpiece Certain Women to make its way back to a Canadian theatre. Certain Women, which last played in Toronto this past September at TIFF, received a theatrical release and well warranted critical acclaim in the U.S. last fall. In Canada, it was quietly, inconspicuously, and unceremoniously released to VOD over the winter. It’s a film that has technically been available to Canadian viewers for quite some time now, but a highly belated theatrical release at TIFF Bell Lightbox this week allows people to see the film in its best possible presentation. It’s a must see in any medium, and one of Reichardt’s best efforts. Even if you don’t live in Toronto, seek this film out.

It’s in the Details: an interview with ‘Manchester by the Sea’ filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan

With only three features under his belt as a director, Kenneth Lonergan has already amassed quite the reputable resume as a screenwriter, playwright, and filmmaker, one that continues to grow this month with the release of the already critically lauded Manchester by the Sea, which debuted to thunderous acclaim and Oscar buzz upon its debut at Sundance earlier this year. We caught up with him at TIFF earlier this fall to talk about his latest effort.