DVD Tuesday: ‘Rambo’, ‘Cassandra’s Dream’

Give him a gun and a big knife, and you can be pretty sure that John Rambo can take on any enemy. Resurrect him 20 years after his last adventure though and you have to wonder if he’s really up to the task of a modern-day fight in the jungle. Sylvester Stallone‘s super soldier is back this week on DVD, joined by the dramas Cassandra’s Dream and Grace Is Gone, plus a collection of Eddie Murphy‘s funny films.

Film Friday: ‘Rambo’, ‘Untraceable’

Last weekend a monster movie took over the cinemas and claimed one of the biggest January openings of all time. The film was Cloverfield, but can the monster keep audiences in theatres, or will Sylvester Stallone‘s return as Rambo draw box office blood? Audiences will decide this weekend, but if neither film is quite your style there are a few alternatives, including the thriller Untraceable, the dance-driven drama How She Move, the spoofy Meet The Spartans, and a concert documentary that lets you enjoy U2 in 3D.