by Wil Powell

Angle Review | Going for Gold

Fans of sports documentaries will find a lot to love about Angle, even if they aren’t huge fans of its subject’s choice of pursuits.

Stellar Review | Both Grounded and Otherworldly

Moving and metaphorical in equal measure, Anishinaabe filmmaker Darlene Naponse’s latest feature, Stellar, is an experimental, ambitious work that balances pain and hope in equal measure.

No One Will Save You Review | Fire in the Sky

An intoxicating and energizing mash-up of a home invasion thriller with an alien invasion movie, No One Will Save You is a film constantly able to take familiar ideas and raise them to new levels.

Expend4bles Review | Just Pl4in 4wful

The ludicrously titled Expend4bes is a sad, excitement free instalment of a franchise that didn’t exactly nail things the first time out and then got progressively worse with sequels that progressively moved downhill.

Radical Wolfe Review | A Ham in Full

Director Richard Dewey’s documentary Radical Wolfe is one of those projects that does a disservice to its subject by being disgustingly laudatory.

Golda Review | The Short Version

Well performed, concise, but underwhelming overall, Guy Nattiv’s war drama/biopic Golda succumbs to its own self-imposed limitations.

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