Hello, September! It's time to get back to work, or head back to school, and to help make the rest of your year as productive as possible, I've put together some of my top gadget and tech suggestions.

Innovative Canadian director and creator Director X was at the Samsung Experience Store in Toronto last week, sharing details about his work, how he's collaborating with Samsung Canada, and more.

Sunnyside Beach with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Toronto, you're gorgeous. Especially through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Samsung showed off their beautifully curved new ultra high definition televisions at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto today, …

Samsung Note 3 & Galaxy Gear

The GATE and Samsung want to get you ready for the first day of spring with a giveaway that will put a smile on your face with two devices that were made for each other: Samsung's Note 3 and GALAXY Gear, valued at $1100.

Samsung at CES 2013

This year's CES in Las Vegas was packed, as usual, with some majorly inventive technology that will leave gadget fanatics dreaming of the day these products hit the shelves, but few companies had as impressive a showing as Samsung.

Intel booth

This week has been an incredible experience at CES 2013, and Las Vegas has been a lot of fun, when I've had time to see much of it. That's of course been a lot of the problem with CES being so incredible--it's so incredible, I haven't had time to do much else, including write about what I've seen.

Psy performs Gangnam Style

Psy took the stage at the Kool Haus in Toronto last night for the big debut of Samsung's Galaxy Note II, and the crowd went nuts for the international singer.

Users test the new Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Carlu in Toronto was glowing last night, thanks to some flashy wristbands, as guests and VIPs were treated to performers, artists, and music to promote the launch of Samsung's Galaxy SIII, the company's latest phone which became available today.

Check out the glowing white wristbands Samsung handed out, which very nicely got us into the VIP and press room. The only flaw? Not nearly enough of the new phones out on display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The avalanche of tablets of all shapes and sizes has been growing for a while now, but aside from Apple, Samsung is one of the few companies with a tablet that bears remembering in the cluttered device marketplace. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I was impressed with what the tablet had to offer, and if you have had experience with the Samsung Galaxy phones the company has been offering for years, it will seem instantly familiar.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I've had the original Samsung Galaxy a little over a year-and-a-half, and it's still a kick ass phone, but right now I am basically drooling at the thought of the Galaxy Nexus and all the super powers it would grant me.

Have I told you how much I love my phone? or maybe I should say how much I loved my phone.

Samsung's Galaxy S Vibrant, which I picked up through Bell Canada, has basically been my constant companion. I took it to France to take picture, I used it throughout this year's Toronto International Film Festival to tweet and post updates, and it's an all-around great phone. Apparently I stumbled on a major flaw last week though, because right now I'm hobbling along with a loaner phone while Samsung tries to get my phone working again.

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