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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Accessories

Browse through the third installment of The GATE’s Holiday Gift Guide as I review some of the hottest gadgets and accessories for the holiday season. Reviewed items include: Nu Force BT-8600 Bluetooth Headphones, Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard, Powerskin for Samsung Galaxy, Warpia StreamHD, Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset, and the Griffin Helo TC.

Hazelton Hotel screening room

Hollywood glamour at Toronto’s five-star Hazelton Hotel

Planning a wedding can be a lot of a fun, but of course it’s a daunting task for any couple, no matter if you’re inviting 60 or 600 people. In Toronto, there are dozens of venues that can cater to any style or taste, and while the search for a wedding venue took some time and effort, there was really only one hotel that I had in mind for our wedding night, and that was the five-star Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville.

Alien Vault

Review: Ian Nathan’s ‘Alien Vault’

There have been few films in the last 40 years that have truly changed the genre of sci-fi and horror at the same time. The only one that can really claim such an honour is Ridley Scott’s 1979 sleeper hit Alien. From its ‘B-movie’ beginnings to having a multiple film franchise and several video games spinoffs, the film has claimed multiple successes.

‘Transformers’ rolls out for new action

Michael Bay may never win an Oscar for the best movie of the year, but there’s never been a question about his ability to make any action movie, however crazy it might sound, into a knock-out blockbuster. With his latest film, the instant popcorn classic Transformers, he brings our favorite cartoon robots from the 80s back to life with all the cheesy lines and explosive action that you could ever want.

‘Ghost Rider’ burns the big screen

Ever since I was a teenager Ghost Rider has been one of my favorite comic book heroes. He has everything it takes to be a great tragic/violent icon – from the flaming skull and the painful past to the fact that he fights against the perfect nemesis – the devil. The only problem is, well, he might be what you call a true comic book hero. On paper he’s an intense character who survived on style and darkness, but somehow after the transformation to the screen you feel like something might be missing.

Review: ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’

Good Night, and Good Luck is a fantastic movie. It is well written (by George Clooney and Grant Heslov) it is well directed (also by George Clooney) and it is exceedingly well acted (yep, Clooney is one of the co-stars as well). And not only that – this film tells a tense, emotionally charged, riveting story about a damn near forgotten part of television and American history that needs to be discussed, especially now.