Review: Zeroville

A misguided, aimless, and frequently irritating send-up of tinseltown egotism from the late 1960s until the early 1980s, director and star James Franco’s Zeroville feels like the work of a feverish cinema studies student on death’s door after overdosing on caffeine pills, everclear, Iggy and the Stooges records, and Martin Amis novels.

Emma Stone in Easy A

Lazy Friday News: Beatles demo resurfaces, Emma Stone sex tape, Judd Apatow’s ‘Simpsons’, Chevy Chase leaves ‘Community’

Lazy Friday News is a weekly round-up of stories from across the spectrum of entertainment, or whatever happens to tickle my funny bone. This week: the first demo from The Beatles has resurfaced after 50 years; Emma Stone may have a sex tape out there somewhere; Judd Apatow’s 22-year-old Simpsons script is finally being made; $299 could earn you a celebrity voicemail message; Chevy Chase is walking away from Community; and expect the next Riddick film to come with a hard-R rating.

Film Friday: ‘Other Boleyn Girl’, ‘Penelope’

Get into a theatre this week and jump between the covers as King Henry VIII must decide between two sisters in The Other Boleyn Girl, or catch up with Penelope and her piggish snout while she tries to break her curse and find true love. Also opening this weekend, City of Men takes us inside a gang war as two friends try to make sense of their lives, and Will Ferrell takes on another sports comedy.