Review: ‘The Fantastic Four’

Everybody loves a good hero. They’re daring people with amazing abilities who want to make the world better. So it was natural that when computer animation finally became realistic enough to make anything look real, we reached back into the comic books and decided to make movies about the kinds of heroes we’ve always wanted to see on the silver screen… superheroes.

Review: ‘Constantine’

I have already read and listened to an number of reviews of this movie and invariably there is always the cheap shot taken at Keanu Reeves. I’ll have none of that – most of these “critics” have never done anything but sit on their asses and criticize the work of others, work they have never done themselves so cannot understand in the slightest.

Review: ‘Elektra’

Elektra is one of those films that demand to be taken at face value. And when reviewing such a film it is incumbent on the reviewer to look at the film for what it is and evaluate it on that basis, not what the reviewer hoped it would be, what the reviewer thought it would be, but what it is. And then there is the all-important question of – did this movie deliver on its promise. And in the case of Elektra, I say it did.