Steve Jobs

The legacy of Steve Jobs

The social media world, and the news at large, is sounding the death knell of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, greatest CEO, and one of the men who led Pixar in its early days, and it seems like it’s impossible to see what all of this will mean in a day, a week, or a year, but it is a sad day that made me feel at least somewhat introspective.

Crash of the Android

Have I told you how much I love my phone? or maybe I should say how much I loved my phone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S Vibrant, which I picked up through Bell Canada, has basically been my constant companion. I took it to France to take picture, I used it throughout this year’s Toronto International Film Festival to tweet and post updates, and it’s an all-around great phone. Apparently I stumbled on a major flaw last week though, because right now I’m hobbling along with a loaner phone while Samsung tries to get my phone working again.

Galaxy S or Xperia X10: Is one of these the droid I’ve been looking for?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a technophile. Maybe I’m not thinking about technology all day long, but when I hear about new gadgets, I’m always intrigued.

That’s why, even though I’ve had my current phone for less than two years, I’m seriously thinking it’s time to get an Android phone. I’m still debating if I really need to ditch my old, fairly acceptable HTC phone, but after playing with some of the new phones that have arrived, I’m having a hard time resisting.

The laptop search is on

Much like a good pair of jeans, there comes a point every couple of years where you’re better off replacing your computer, rather than trying to make it work any longer. Some people, who maybe don’t use their computers every day, can get away with waiting longer, but for me it’s always a matter of a couple of years and this is especially true for laptops, which get the brunt of our worst computer habits, and seem to fall apart that much quicker.

Whatchamacallit? LG’s X120

Anyone who has seen my current laptop, a diminuitive Dell Inspiron, knows that I love small laptops. After all, when I’m going portable, I don’t need a machine that can do high-end graphics, I just need something to write stories, check email, and edit a few photos or some video.

So it was a cool pleasure this week to check out LG Electronics’ “Whatchamacallit,” also known as the X120.