Residence - Pan Am

Pan Am Games – Toronto 2015: A Look Inside The Athletes’ Village

As someone who has lived in hotels, sometimes for years at a time, and has written innumerable articles on hotels of all varieties, many for The GATE, be they old and historic, small boutique hotels or brand new hotels--but one kind of temporary visitors residence I have never had the occasion to visit was an athletes' village like those constructed for Olympic Games or Pan Am Games--until now.
Christopher Heard

Ten years through The GATE

Things that have great meaning to you--be it personally or professionally (or both)--tend to show themselves at the time in a very humble and quiet way. It is through the passage of time, looking back, we can then see the full meaning and the full import of something that seemed a casual occurrence at the time. Such can be said of the ten solid years I have been working with Andrew Powell (creator and Editor-in-Chief) and The GATE.

Summer traditions in Toronto

I don't know about you, but I felt like we went through one of Toronto's worst springs this year, but the arrival of a summer where it's not blazing hot already has me feeling pretty optimistic about the next couple of months.