Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Lazy Friday News: Superman’s underwear, ‘Waterworld’ redux, Robo-Veggie, ‘X-Men’ return

Lazy Friday News is a weekly round-up of stories from across the spectrum of entertainment, or whatever happens to tickle my funny bone. This week: Zack Snyder has taken Superman's underwear right off in Man of Steel; Waterworld might have been awful, but we may see it again; vegetables stand in for the new RoboCop; two past X-Men stars are coming back in X-Men: Days of Future Past; and the good and bad news about film piracy.
The cast of X-Men First Class

DVD Tuesday: ‘X-Men First Class’ and ‘Hanna’

Arriving this week on Blu-ray and on DVD: James McAvoy is the young and dashing Charles Xavier trying to save the world from evil mutants in X-Men First Class; Saoirse Ronan stars as a 16-year-old reclusive killer in Hanna; and a look at Brian DePalma's notorious Scarface on Blu-ray.
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Film Friday: ‘The Eagle’ and ‘Just Go With It’

Opening this weekend in theatres across the country: Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell star in the epic adventure, The Eagle; Adam Sandler tries to woo a younger woman in the comedy, Just Go With It; William Shakespeare's classic tragedy gets a comic take in the animated Gnomeo And Juliet; plus a look at the music documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.
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DVD Tuesday: ‘Bank Job’ & ‘Penelope’

Hot new releases this week include The Bank Job, with Jason Statham once again playing the part of a mesmerizing thief; Christina Ricci as the doe-eyed, pig-nosed Penelope; and the ridiculous horror movie Shutter, with Joshua Jackson as a haunted photographer.
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Film Friday: ‘Wall-E’ & ‘Wanted’

This week at a theatre near you, Pixar's little robot buddy Wall•E aims for the heart in a new animated adventure. Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy star in the action thriller Wanted. Plus, two documentaries open, one examining the Antarctic in Encounters at the End of the World, and the other has Ben Stein dealing with God and science.