It's rare when a film comes along that is moving, inspiring, and so touching that you find it hard to forget after you leave the theatre. <em>The Florida Project</em> is one of those films that will not only have you talking about it's subject matter but also about the extraordinary performances from it's stars.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Miranda Richardson & Tatiana Maslany

Miranda Richardson is always surprising. Even when you have an idea just how much she can inhabit a role, the next time you see her on screen you'll likely still need a few minutes to fully accept that it's Richardson who has vanished into another mesmerizing character.

Don't Talk To Irene

Toronto Filmmaker <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Pat Mills</a>, wrote and directed his first feature film <em>Guidance</em> in 2014, and now he's back with a follow up that in my humble opinion is charming and inspiring.

Mike White | Brad's Status

Long-standing Hollywood screenwriter Mike White has a knack for witty dialogue and clever characters that feel like they've been snatched out of reality, and with his feature-length sophmore film, <em>Brad's Status</em>, he turns the life of an average, middle-aged man, into a story that's larger than life.

Saara Chaudray | The Breadwinner

Saara Chaudry is just 13 years old, but she's already got the charisma and intelligence of an actor twice her age, which might be why director Nora Twomey chose the young star to play Parvana in the animated adaptation of <em>The Breadwinner</em>.

Anne Winters | Mom and Dad

Anne Winters surprised more than a few people when she dropped by The GATE's Interview Lounge at TIFF 2017. Winters has stopped by to talk about the horror film <em>Mom and Dad</em>, but when I asked for a demo of her "horror movie scream" even I was surprised. Luckily no one called the cops on us.

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